How to Choose a Wooden Fence? 


The value of having a fence in their property is open to discussion. This depends on the preferences of the average homeowner. Aside from that value it gives, a lot of people are also confused about what form of fence is ideal for their particular condition.  

If you want wood fence for your property, there are some considerations to make. Before you hire a professional Lexington fence installation company, here are a couple of things you need to know: 

Features of Wood Fences 


A wood fence needs a lot of hardware. However, almost every professional fence company utilizes ring shanked and galvanized nails. Because of this, they can guarantee that the fence will last for a lot of years. Aside from that, some companies also utilize heavy-duty latches and three hinges for the gate for a similar reason. 


If you want to beautify and protect your wood fences, staining is an ideal method. Stains can help protect the wood from water since this natural element can cause a lot of issues for it. Fortunately, there are a lot of forms of stains available nowadays. Thus, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from to obtain your preferred appearance. A couple of these stains look like paint. On the other hand, others don’t have color and are only intended to protect your wood fence from the elements.  

Types of Wood Fences 

Lattice Fence 

This is a very appealing choice and it’s known to be welcoming when it comes to landscaping. This type of fence offers a tight pattern that prevents you from feeling as if you’re living inside a prison while keeping on providing actual privacy.  

Board on Board Fence 

This fence appears appealing on both sides since boards switch to both outside and inside the property. Oftentimes, these boards are placed tightly to get rid of gaps. This form of fence produces a chance for the wind to blow through the fence and into your property. 

Dog Eared Fence 

Since the consistency of the fence’s pickets enables the fence contractor to change the sections to suit your property more suitably without breaking the fence’s flow on the side of the neighbor, this uniform fence really works well for unusual shapes of properties. Also, they are actually great for variety as far as the design that goes on top of the fence.  

Shadow Box Fence 

Almost every homeowner who picks this form of fencing select it for the intention of looks and privacy. The reason why it is named the “shadow” box fence is that the fence is made to cast a shadow. A professional will install the fence’s frame just like a regular frame. However, the pickets are installed differently. One picket goes outside of the fence and the other goes inside of the fence. This form of fence has a better possibility of staying upright if you are located in an area prone to hurricanes. The reason for this is that the wind can freely go right through the fence. 

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