How to Keep Away Pests from Your Garden

If you have a garden, then one of the many things that you should always watch out for are pests. Pests can destroy your plants and yield, especially if you’re keeping an organic garden. You have to be serious about preventing these pests from invading your garden if you want the best possible results from it.

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It may be quite a challenge to keep pests from your garden but it’s highly doable. You can start by learning more about these pests so you can plan the best plan of attack against them. You may also consult with the experts in lawn care Richmond VA to help you out. They surely have a lot of experiences in eliminating pests from all types of gardens.

Types of Pests that Invade Gardens

There are different kinds of pests that can end up in your garden. It’s also possible that the pest control strategy is different for each of them. It pays to know all the signs of pest infestation so you can stop it right on its tracks. Here are some of the most common garden pests and what you should know about each of them.

1. Beetles

Beetles tend to bore holes on the leaves of the plants. You may think that a couple of these pests are management, but wait until they have grown in number and you can no longer manually remove them. If that’s the case, eliminating them will require the use an insecticide spray that’s poisonous to their breed. Note that there are a lot of known species of beetles.

2. Aphids

Aphids are the root cause of the sticky substances in your garden. Aphids are sticky insects with a reddish hue that come in groups. It’s fairly easy to get rid of these pets, as the use of a soap-based insecticide is highly effective. They are quite common in vegetable gardens.

3. Cabbage Worms

If you have cabbage worms in your garden, then find yourself some neem oil and use it. Spray some of it on the worms, particularly on their habitat. One spray and they’ll be out soon enough. Cabbage worms look like green caterpillars that make holes on the plant’s leaves. Certain insecticides may work on them too. Some may even choose to pick them out by hand.

4. Cutworms

Cutworms are slightly different than Cabbage worms, if only for their hue. These ones are brown caterpillars that crawl all over. You want to get rid of them because they rob your plants of nutrients obtained from the soil. If you find these pests, dig around the plant. Then place paper collars around the affected plant to protect it, as they also tend to snuggle up for shade and sustenance.

5. Maggots

If you know what maggots are, then you also know that they’re very disgusting. They can make your entire landscape very ugly so you have to get rid of them as soon as you see them around. Bleaching generally works against maggots. Maggots thrive in leftover means so keep your garbage bin as far away from your garden as possible.

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